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Special Design Waste Units AİK-119

Production Features Our products are made of 304 quality stainless material depending on preference. Other metals can be used according to the customer's preference. The products are cut smoothly and precisely by laser cutting method and combined with argon welding. Wood etc. according to customer's request. Product enrichment can be done with apparatuses. Areas of Usage Outdoor, Indoor, Hotels, Sites, Parks, Shopping Centers, Schools, Cafes, Restaurants, Fitness Centers

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  • AİK-119

Special Design Trash Can
Sometimes special designs can be requested instead of classical designs that can be seen everywhere in terms of garbage boxes that can be used in open areas or closed areas, namely in residences, offices or work areas. Aria Group Zero Waste Trash Cans has added a wide variety to its designs, especially with its decorative frames and features in this sector, where it has been involved for many years. In this context, specially designed garbage buckets sometimes have an authentic appearance, while sometimes they have a very modern appearance. In this way, special and correct choices can be made easily for each area to be used.

While two basic materials such as metal material or wood material are generally preferred in special designs, sometimes the design is provided by combining these materials. In designs made with metal only, designs such as having a cylindrical bucket in the middle of the legs in the form of four pillars or a small bucket at the bottom of an ashtray can be seen. For example, a product made with a small metal bucket inside a wooden three-legged base may be preferred. Since it is often preferred to have ashtrays on the top of these types of buckets, specially designed garbage buckets can be easily used outdoors by restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, parks, schools, fitness centers, restaurants and cafeterias.

Stainless steel
Stainless steel, chromium and nickel elements combine to give steel a stainless feature. This feature is highly preferred as it is resistant to corrosion.

Why would I choose a more expensive product?
Corrosion resistance is high.
More durable
It looks more elegant on the product.

What Are Stainless Qualities?
304 Quality stainless: Corrosion resistance is high. It is resistant to extreme heat and cold.
316 quality stainless: used outdoors. It is especially resistant to harsh weather conditions.
430 quality stainless: It gives a more vivid image in the products. It does not contain nickel. It can be magnetized.

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