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Outdoor Waste Units ADC-111

Production Features The stainless material quality used is 304 quality. The type of material used can be changed upon request. Laser cutting is done. It is combined with argon welding technique.

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  • ADC-111

Outdoor Trash Can
Each of the points in city life, such as areas reserved for public use, areas where people use collective use, or collective use areas in living spaces, are called outdoor spaces. In other words, every area such as parks, gardens, social facilities, recreation areas, streets, avenues and boulevards is called outdoor within cities. In these places, outdoor garbage bins are used. Products to be used outdoors should show more durability and durability in terms of material structure and practicality of use. In this way, it can be used in a more durable way by being less affected by all factors such as acid and toxic gases caused by waste.

The structure of the outdoor spaces generally shows a structure that will wear all the usage materials more due to the open atmosphere. Considering the areas of use, especially in our country, an atmosphere is seen in cities such as Ankara, which is hot and constantly sunbathing in summer. In the winter months, it is quite cold, even colder temperatures reaching below zero degrees are encountered. Sometimes, factors such as rain, snow, wind, storm or hail are encountered. Apart from weather and atmospheric conditions, crowded city conditions also cause urban furniture and urban furniture to age faster, as there is very intensive use especially in big cities. For this reason, points such as waste bins, garbage containers or buckets to be used in such areas are generally produced with metal material.

Metal is the preferred material for products such as outdoor urban furniture to have the highest durability. However, the metal to be used must show a completely clean and non-corrosive structure with both the paint and the coating material on the outside. However, one of the important points in the products to be used is design. In terms of design, it is not only the quality of the material but also how carefully the material is processed. In other words, with which colors the metal is used, how practical the bucket is produced, how useful it is in terms of use and cleaning are very important points.

In this context, while the garbage bins produced by Üçel Metal are specially designed for outdoor use, the combination of metal and wood is preferred. In these types of buckets, usually a bucket suspended on a metal frame or a bucket that can be removed by attaching to the wooden frame is used for easy evacuation. Generally, these products have buckets swinging in the metal frame, sometimes in the form of a sieve, sometimes designs with a front or top opening, and sometimes designs with an ashtray on the top. These types of products usually do not have a cover, but when used in areas such as terraces and gardens, a cover attachment can be included to prevent odor.

Painted Materials
As Üçel Metal Kent furniture, our primary goal has always been the environment, so we have adopted electrostatic powder painting technology in our products. This system is based on the principle of coating the metal surface with the magnet effect of the powder material. With this technology, our indoor and outdoor metal products are baked at a temperature between 180-200 degrees. Thanks to this, powder coating now becomes a part of the metal. It is solvent-free, surface quality, long-lasting use, economical, high amount of paint recycling, and an environmentally friendly system, making this system more useful and environmentally friendly compared to other traditional painting methods.

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