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Waste Temporary Storage Area

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Features of Temporary Storage Area 1. Temporary storage area is created as covered and to protect wastes from all kinds of external factors. If deemed appropriate by the provincial directorate, the condition of covering the non-hazardous waste temporary storage area may not be required.

2. The floor of the temporary storage area is made of impermeable material.

3. Absorbent material is kept in the temporary storage area against leakage or spillage.

4. The temporary storage area is surrounded by a grid against leakage and spills. The liquids accumulated in the screen are collected and recovered / disposed in an appropriate method and are not discharged to the receiving environment.

5. In the temporary storage area, security measures are taken against all kinds of emergencies such as fire.

6. The temporary storage area is created in a way that does not allow unauthorized entry from outside.

7. In the temporary storage area, appropriate compartments are made according to the hazardous characteristics of the wastes. Wastes are stored separately according to waste codes.

8. The container can be used as a temporary storage area. If a container is used, the container is placed on an impermeable floor, the container is surrounded by a grid, and absorbent material is kept against leakage and spillage.

DANGEROUS AND NON-DANGEROUS WASTE TEMPORARY STORAGE AREAS 1. Wastes are stored in the temporary storage area without mixing with each other. Hazardous and non-hazardous wastes are stored separately in the temporary storage area. Hazardous and non-hazardous wastes are not stored in the same container.

2. Waste producers that produce less than one thousand kilograms of hazardous waste per month are exempt from temporary storage permit for the areas / containers where they temporarily store / store their hazardous waste. Waste producers, which produce a thousand kilograms or more of hazardous waste per month, obtain a temporary storage permit from the provincial directorate for their temporary storage areas / containers. Temporary storage permission is given by the Provincial Directorate indefinitely. In case of a change in the temporary storage area, the temporary storage permission is renewed.

3. Each waste received in the temporary storage area is labeled. On the label; a) The waste code of the waste, b) Whether it is a hazardous waste, c) The hazardous features and risks of the waste for hazardous waste, ç) The date of entry into the storage area of ​​the waste.

4. Financial liability insurance is taken out for temporary storage areas that are obliged to insure within the scope of Article 16 of the Waste Management Regulation, regardless of the amount. Temporary storage permission is not granted to facilities without financial liability insurance. Liability insurances made for temporary storage areas / containers are renewed every year and submitted to the provincial directorate.

5. Hazardous wastes are temporarily stored in the temporary storage area for a maximum of 180 days. Non-hazardous wastes are temporarily stored in the temporary storage area for a maximum of 1 year. Wastes are sent to licensed waste treatment facilities before the specified deadlines expire.

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