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Class 2 Waste Collection Center

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Class 2 Waste Collection Centers

ARTICLE 13 - (1) Second class waste collection centers are obliged to fulfill the following issues in addition to the provisions in Article 11.

a) Provided that the wastes in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 8th groups of the waste groups included in Annex-2 of this Communiqué are found, it is obligatory to collect at least seven groups of wastes in total, two groups of which are optional from the other waste groups.

b) Total volume of accumulation equipment should be at least 8-20 m3.

c) If there is a waste collection center in the shopping centers, the sales points operating in the shopping centers cannot establish an individual waste collection center.

ç) If a waste collection center is established in shopping centers, it is deemed that waste collection centers have been established at sales points operating in shopping centers. If the sales points and distributors located in the shopping centers do not give their wastes to this bringing center, they manage the waste according to the provisions of the relevant legislation.

d) Sales points operating in shopping centers that establish a 2nd class waste collection center are obliged to establish a packaging waste collection point. However, the waste collection center established at individual sales points operating outside of shopping malls is also considered as a packaging waste collection point.

e) Distributors operating in shopping centers that establish a 2nd class waste collection center may collect the wastes they collect within the framework of the Regulation on Control of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment at the waste collection center of the shopping center where they are located.

f) Sales points operating in 2nd class waste collection centers established in shopping centers are obliged to participate in the recycling, recovery and / or disposal costs of the accumulated wastes.

g) There should be collection channels and a grid system for waste water generated after washing. The collected wastewater should be disposed of in accordance with the relevant legislation provisions.

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